Roseburg General Contractor

North Bank Custom House

Home Details

This house is 3 bedroom 2,200 sq. ft. on North Bank Road in Roseburg with a detached shop.

Mike Perine and his construction crew built our custom home in 2014. We could not have happier with the results!

Being new to Roseburg, we researched various building contractors in the area, interviewed six, and settled on Mike Perine. One of the companies (Hi-Line Homes) is known for a good value for your money, but in the end was just as costly as an independent contractor with the additions and changes we wanted to build our dream home.

Mike was on-site every day to oversee the construction. The communication was outstanding; he readily responded to any concerns (there weren't many!). There is always something that needs to be fixed, changed, and tweaked. Mike helped us work through any of the little issues that arose. I do not remember any days after construction started that there was any down-time; the sub-contractors were on schedule as expected. Everyone on Mike's crew was helpful, courteous, and respectful of us, the owners.

There was never any doubt as to who was in charge – the owner! Mike worked for us to accomplish the home we wanted. We relied on his experience and expertise to help with decisions along the way and were not disappointed. His professionalism and integrity was apparent every day of the construction process and continues to this day! When Mike builds your home, he will be there before, during, and after to make sure your dream home has met your expectations!

I am happy to say that Mike Perine exceeded our expectations in building our new home !
Joan Hilbert