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House Plans

Home designs to fit your lifestyle and family needs

From Design and Construction to Finish

We will assist you in designing and planning your new home. For most individuals it is better to work with your general contractor first in designing your dream home because he can determine if the design is more complicated than it needs to be which could end up costing more. Mike can save you money by working directly with the draftsman or designer to get a design that fits your lifestyle and is the most efficient framing techniques to build. We will help you create your dream home in the most popular architectural styles, from a luxury custom estate to a traditional home. We work with local designers who know what designs work best in our Northwest climate. We use advanced framing techniques for quality and energy efficiency to save you money on your future energy bills.

Floor Plans

If you have not selected your property we can help with relator contacts and evaluating the property for the cost of excavating the house pad, bringing in electric power into the home, cost of septic systems, water supply and any other needs you may have. If your property is sloped it may not be as good of a choice as another property, which would need less excavation, etc.

Not only do you want your house plans to have the right number of rooms and square footage, but your new home floor plans should also fit your budget and the land you will be building on.

Home Rendering

Mike gave us tours of homes he had constructed and contact information for references. We were impressed with the quality of materials used in construction, the appearance, and the relationship Mike had with the homeowners. At this point in time we decided to meet with Mike to discuss plans we had for construction of a new home. From the beginning of our relationship, we found him willing to listen to our needs as well as offering suggestions we might consider in the building process. He introduced us to our draftsman and together we came up with the plans for our new home. We were certain at this point that we had made the right decision in selecting a builder.
The O'Neils