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Most contractors agree that cost-per-square-foot is a terrible way to budget for a house, because there are so many variables involved. Do you want top-of-the-line cabinets and appliances for your gourmet kitchen, or will mid-range appliances do? Are you planning to side the house with a cheap product or and expensive product and add stone or brick? Is the house going to be one story, or two story? (Two story may be less expensive because the foundation is smaller.) Will you have rectangular rooms that minimize the materials and the labor required for framing, or unusual shapes like octagons with vaulted ceilings? What sort of flooring, bathroom fixtures and heating and cooling system will you have? Is the lot easy to access, relatively flat and easy to dig, do roads have to be built, is it rocky, heavily wooded and uneven? How far will electricity have to be brought in? How far will you have to drill for your water well?

Another consideration is overall the cost of your project, when you go over $417,000 most banks consider this a "Jumbo Loan" and more stringent requirements for qualifying are needed.

All of these variables need consideration including the size of your home. How many square feet will it take for you to be comfortable? Do you have any special needs such as wheelchair access? We will work with you to take all these variables into consideration to build your dream home and come up with a budget to fit your needs.

Mike Perine Construction

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Since 1981 I have been involved with supervising more than $250 million of construction projects.

I purchased property in Roseburg in 2009 with the intention of building the last home that my wife and I would ever live in. We chose Mike Perine of Perine Inc. Construction to be our builder.

Mike and his crew built our dream house for us in the most efficient and timely manner of any contractor that I have ever dealt with. He has have been professional, hard working and a pleasure to be around.
David T.