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Practice Good Home Maintenance

Keep your home in good shape

You already own your home so keep it in good shape and you maintain property value and reduce repair expenses. Start maintaining your home on a schedule. Make yourself a checklist of tasks in order to keep your home in good shape.

Do the items on the checklist that apply to your home:

check Check for squeaky doors and oil them as needed
check Check and clean range hood filters
check Check and replace furnace filters
check Check and replace other ventilation system filters
check Check and replace humidifier filters
check Remove grills on forced air air systems ducts and vacuum inside the ducts
check Clean out your clothes dryer ducts
check Examine your foundation for any cracks
check Examine exposed wood for insect damage and do any preventive maintenance that needs to happen
check Test all ground fault circuit interrupters
check Check all vents (inside and outside) and make sure there are not obstructions
check Remove window screens, clean window wells and dry them
check Examine all outdoor drains and rain gutters to see if seasonal maintenance needs to be done
check Drain off a pan of water from the clean out valve on the bottom of your water tank if on a well
check Check the operation of your sump pump if you have one in the basement
check Test all fire / smoke alarms / carbon monoxide detectors in the house
check Clean all window and door locks to ensure they are all working properly
check Check your fire escape plan
check Check all faucets for dripping water and change out washers if needed
check Check all Run all sinks, toilets, baths and showers to ensure no problems (mostly ones not used frequently)
check Check the gauge on all fire extinguishers and have them recharged if necessary
check Use a pipe cleaner and baking soda to clean drains
check Check all visible pipes for leaks under sinks
check Check your refrigerator and freezer coils once every six months
check Check all caulking and repair if needed

Learn how to do simple maintenance tasks around your home that you can do yourself instead of hiring a handyman. Pick up a book on general home repairs and when a minor issue develops try repairing it yourself using this guide. Most of the time the fix is incredibly simple and doing it yourself is quick and easy.

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Our home was built in 2010. We have enjoyed it tremendously. We liked the easy, helpful way it was to work with Mike Perine during and after the construction! We would recommend him as your general contractor when it is time for you to think about building a new home!!!
Bill R.