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The following is an outline of the typical steps in the construction of a new home that will help keep you informed as to what happens at key stages of construction.

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Before construction can begin the site must be prepared. Excavation and leveling of the home site is a necessarry task to ensure a good platform for the foundation and drainage around the home. The soil may need to be compacted and rock added. If your home will have a septic system or a well it will probably be done at this time. If you are going to have a basement the hole is dug.

The general contractor puts up wooden forms for the foundation, and digs the holes and trenches. Footings are formed and poured, and the foundation walls are formed and poured. If it's slab-on-grade, the footings are dug, formed and poured; the area between them is leveled and fitted with utility runs (e.g. plumbing drains and electrical chases); and the slab is poured.

Once concrete is poured into the holes and trenches, it will need time to cure. During this period, there will be no activity on the construction site.

The floor systems, walls and roof systems are completed (collectively known as the shell of the house). Plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing is applied to the exterior walls and roof, and windows and exterior doors are installed. The sheathing is then covered with a protective barrier known as a house wrap; it prevents water from infiltrating the structure, while allowing water vapor to escape. This reduces the likelihood of mold and wood rot.

Once the shell is finished, siding and roofing can be installed. At the same time, the electrical and plumbing contractors start running pipes and wires through the interior walls, ceilings and floors. Sewer lines and vents, as well as water supply lines for each fixture, are installed. Bathtubs and one-piece shower/tub units are put in place

Ductwork is installed for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system, and possibly the furnace. HVAC vent pipes are installed through the roof, and insulation is installed in the floors, walls and ceilings. Wiring for telephones, computer networks, alarm systems, cable TV and music systems are done at this time.

Drywall is hung and taped so the seams between the boards aren't visible, and drywall texturing (if applicable) is completed. The primer coat of paint is also applied after taping is complete.

Interior doors, baseboards, door casings, window sills, moldings, stair balusters and other decorative trim are installed, along with cabinets, vanities and fireplace mantels and surrounds. Walls get a finish coat of paint and are wallpapered where applicable. Driveways, walkways and patios are poured at this stage.

Ceramic tile, vinyl and wood flooring are installed as well as countertops. Exterior finish grading is completed to ensure proper drainage away from the home and prepare the yard for landscaping.

Bathroom fixtures, Light fixtures, outlets and switches are installed and the electrical panel is completed. HVAC equipment is installed and registers completed. Sinks, toilets and faucets are put in place. Mirrors, shower doors and carpeting are installed, and final cleanup takes place.

Mike will walk you through your new home to acquaint you with its features and the operation of various systems and components, and explain your responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep as well as warranty coverage and procedures.

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